Playin' Hooky Sled
 river Bottom Toys LLC


See the pictures below to learn more about our sleds, and to see some custom sleds we've done.

Our sleds feature real rubber wheels.  The weight box is driven by the rear pair of wheels.

Our sleds feature welded steel construction.  You don't find too many toys built this tough!

The weight box drive system is completely enclosed.

Our sleds are also available with a cab!  See the Purchase a Sled page for more info.

Here's four sleds with cabs, ready to be shipped.

A few of the c
ustom sleds we've built:

Custom yellow sled with a cab

Allis orange with a cab!  Pretty sharp!

Custom Ford Blue paint job!

This pair of Allis orange sleds is finished off with flames!

This one is Minneapolis-Moline yellow.

Deutz green is another possible color.

A hot pink sled!  The girls like to pull too!

Here is a black sled with custom color decals.

This one is Allis-Chalmers orange.

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